Recruiting: Yogi Ferrell and Park Tudor down Collin Hartman, Cathedral

It’s games like this one, Park Tudor coach Ed Schilling says, that he sees the maturity in point guard Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell, an Indiana commitment for 2012.

Ferrell struggled to make shots in Tuesday night’s game against Cathedral, hitting on just three of 12 attempts. However, the ones he hit were crucial and he finished with 11 points and nine assists to help Class 2A Park Tudor knock off Collin Hartman and Class 4A Cathedral, one of the top rated teams in the state.

“That’s the thing with Yogi as he’s matured as a player, he’s not concerned about statistics,” Schilling said. “We all talked, I said, ‘Yogi had 11 points tonight, nine assists, but what’s Yogi all about?’ They said, ‘Winning.’ He doesn’t care about stats, he doesn’t care about anything. When he penetrated, they really did a great job of sagging and helping on him. Boom, he passed the ball. That’s the sign of the maturity.” (more…)

Tom Crean, Jeremiah Rivers say the Hoosiers are ready for Purdue

The increasingly-infamous 7:30 a.m. practice Sunday was necessary, guard Jeremiah Rivers said.

“We just got better, really,” Rivers said. “It happens. It’s part of the journey, part of college basketball. It’s what we needed. It’s a wakeup call after just a lackluster game we gave on Saturday. It was embarrassing.”

The focus of that practice was competition, Rivers said. That’s not surprising, given what we know about coach Tom Crean’s overall coaching philosophy and his reaction to Saturday’s loss to Northwestern.

“I wouldn’t say it was different stuff (than a normal practice), but it was definitely more competitive-oriented,” Rivers said. “It was competitive fighting throughout the entire practice. It was relentless and it was fun. I had a blast.”

The Hoosiers, Crean said, have responded and are now ready to come out with the necessary level of effort against Purdue at 8:30 p.m. Wednesday.


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Jordan Hulls reacts to turning the ball over, with Tom Crean beside him. Chris Howell | Herald-Times


Huntington Prep coach confirms IU watching Aniefiok

Huntington (W.Va.) prep coach Rob Fulford confirmed that Indiana coach Tom Crean was at the school today, primarily recruiting 6-foot-5, 220-pound senior combo guard Maurice Aniefiok.

Fulford said there has not been a formal scholarship, however, because Indiana is still evaluating his game.

“The indication I got was they’re just looking for the best available player,” Fulford said. “I think that would be Maurice. But they’re just looking now. Bennie Seltzer was at a game last week. Coach Crean said he wants to see a game, but Maurice played really well in practice today.”

Fulford said the 6-foot-5, 220-pound Aniefiok is averaging around 13 points per game for Huntington Prep and has averaged over 20 in the last three games. The independent prep squad, which was once home to NBA players O.J. Mayo and Patrick Patterson, is 21-3 this season. (more…)

Crean recruiting in Huntington, W.Va.?

Some excellent reporting today from Alex Bozich at Inside the Hall shows that Indiana coach Tom Crean may be out recruiting a player or players from Huntington (W.Va.) Prep.

Bozich was told by a source that Crean was in the area and checked flight records to see if there was any truth to it. He found this flight on what would appear to be a jet available to IU (It was at Purdue on Feb. 8 and Gary for the La Lumiere-Lew Wallace game) that would have landed in Huntington at 3:22 p.m. and bring him back at 6:42 p.m. (giving him time to make tonight’s radio show).

There are apparently two uncommitted prospects at Huntington Prep, 6-foot-5, 220-pound combo guard Maurice Anieifiok and Ibrahima Djimde, a 6-foot-9, 240-pound center.

According to recruiting guru Adam Zagoria, Maurice Aniefiok’s mentor is Joe Boncore, the guardian of former IU target Moses Abraham. After visiting IU as part of a bizarre recruiting process last spring, Abraham signed with Georgetown. Now listed on the Georgetown roster as Moses Ayegba, he has played in just four games this year and scored a total of 10 points in 17 minutes.

Crean: Players responded well to early morning practice

Tom Crean dismissed his players relatively quickly after Saturday night’s loss to Northwestern with the understanding that their punishment for a less-than-stellar effort would be a 7:30 a.m. practice Sunday morning.

But as frustrated as Crean was after the loss, he said he was pleased with the effort the following morning.

“ They responded much like I thought they would, which was very well,” Crean said on Monday morning’s Big Ten teleconference. “They have a lot of determination in them, They’ve got a lot of desire to get better. We just don’t always play … we’ve gotta have all the intangibles going too. Intelligence, communication, emotion, all those different things. There were too many times especially after watching the game the other night where we let mistakes compound because we got our heads down.” (more…)

Tom Crean Tweets Illinois game will be 11 a.m. (central)

Tom Crean is mad.

He just Tweeted that he’s been told that Indiana will play Illinois at 11 a.m. (central) next Saturday. Why would that upset Crean? Because the Hoosiers play the 9 p.m. game on Thursday against Wisconsin.

Here is what Crean had to say:

I am okay with 1 day in between games on occasion but 36 hours? In a rivalry game? That defies rationalization.

An Indiana spokesman just confirmed this.


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