Squires drafted by Florida Marlins

Chris Squires spent all three days of last year’s Major League Baseball draft waiting for his name to pop up on the ticker and it never happened. This year, he patiently waited through two days and more than 1,000 names and he still wasn’t taken.

But finally, with pick No. 1127, the Florida Marlins made Squires their 37th round pick.

“It’s a lot of weight lifted from my shoulders,” Squires said. “Finally, everything I’ve done over the past couple of years has paid off and I can get my start in pro ball.  I got nervous as the rounds were getting higher. But when it happened, it was a whole bunch of weight off my shoulders.”

Squires holds Indiana record for saves in a career (20) and single season. The long-armed 6-foot-2, 195-pound right-hander finished tied for the team lead in strikeouts with 67.

Squires was the third Indiana player taken in the draft. Shortstop Ethan Wilson and right fielder Michael Earley were taken by the Chicago White Sox in the 25th and 29th round respectively on Tuesday. Wilson, a redshirt sophomore, was somewhat of a surprise pick. He has bargaining leverage and can still return to school if he wants to. However, he says if he gets a good offer, he will probably sign, in part because of his previous injury problems.

“You don’t want to think negative, but you’ve gotta be real and look at my past,” Wilson said. “Plus, I want the option to get into professional baseball young because it allows you to be around longer.”

None of the three players have receiving signing bonus offers yet.

IU men’s basketball jumps 12 points in APR, avoids penalties

The Indiana men’s basketball team apparently saw a substantial academic improvement in the 2008-09 school year, which allowed the program to escape additional penalties.

The Hoosiers posted a four-year average of 866 on the NCAA’s 2007-08 academic progress report, which was released in May, 2009, which drew a penalty. IU calculated its score a year before it was release and self-imposed a loss of two scholarships. The program also received a public notice as a first historical penalty.

A program can avoid further punishment if it improves its four-year average, however, even if that improvement is not enough to push the four-year average above 925. Indiana accomplished that by raising its four-year average through the 2008-09 academic year to 878 in the APR that was released on Wednesday. The Hoosiers accomplished this with a score of 975 in that academic year, according to an IU release. That represents a 164-point jump from the one-year score of 2007-08 according to a release.

In other sports, football posted a four-year average of 969, an 11-point increase from the previous report. Women’s basketball posted a 953, a 14-point jump.

Baseball posted the biggest increase, a 29-point leap to 968. Men’s tennis had the biggest dropoff, a 28-point fall to 948. Men’s golf and women’s soccer both scored a perfect 1000. Men’s wrestling posted the lowest score other than men’s basketball at 951.

The following is a link to Indiana’s scores and the NCAA’s APR database.

More to come.

Hoosier Morning

IU basketball

The Big Ten Tournament could have more than 11 teams in a couple of years. Chris Howell | Herald-Times


Watkinson will train Gordon

Jeff Watkinson, the highly respected strength and conditioning coach for IU basketball, has accepted a job working with former Hoosier Eric Gordon. He’ll be a personal basketball development coach for Gordon, who plays with the Los Angeles Clippers.

It’s unclear right now who will take over the team’s off-season workouts — or when they’ll need to, as it’s unclear when Watkinson’s last day is — but surely Indiana coach Tom Crean will move quickly to put someone in place.

More to come.

Glass talks Big Ten expansion

Meant to post this earlier, but I spoke to Fred Glass last week at the Huber Farms Winery on his thoughts on Big Ten expansion. his remarks follow.

Q:What are your thoughts on the idea of expansion?

A: Because of the financial position of the conference led primarily by the Big Ten Network, we don’t have to expand. Any time you go into an evaluation or a potential transaction and it’s a viable option to do nothing, that’s good. Because if you do do something, it will only be because it makes sense for the conference and its members. If we do do it, I think Indiana University will have the same benefits as the other teams have in terms of it driving more revenue. Money isn’t important by itself, it’s important with what you can do with it, which is maintain your viability for the next 20, 30, 40 years. Be in a position where we can choose our partners rather than have our partners chosen for us because other conferences get in front and pick people that would be partners more naturally connected with the Big Ten. There could be some additional rivalries, expand our footprint, help us as a conference and as a school get into some recruiting areas that maybe we’re not as strong in now. I think our interest would be pretty much aligned with the balance of the conference in terms of why it would make sense for Indiana University. (more…)

Kirlew, Sherrill named Arthur Ashe Scholars

From Indiana Sports Information:


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Former Hoosier defensive end Jammie Kirlew and junior track and field athlete Faith Sherrill have been named Arthur Ashe Jr. Sports Scholars. Established in 1992 by the publication Diverse: Issues In Higher Education, the Sports Scholars Awards honor undergraduate students of color who exemplify the standards set by tennis great Arthur Ashe Jr. (more…)

Hoosier Morning

Northwestern Indiana basketball

Indiana coach Tom Crean brought two new faces onto campus. Chris Howell | Herald-Times


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