Wisconsin 83, Indiana 55


Indiana was beaten before it stepped on the floor of the Kohl Center Saturday afternoon. It never threw a single punch, never really even bothered putting up much of a block, didn’t move around the ring at all. Wisconsin won 83-55 after easing up on the Hoosiers before heading to the locker room for half time.

The Hoosiers (9-15, 3-9) have lost sixth straight. They once again showed very little gusto on defense, and Wisconsin shot 50 percent from the field. It consistently kicked out for wide open 3-pointers, hitting 10-of-25.

The Hoosiers turned the ball over 21 times, leading to 29 points for the Badgers. This here box score says so.

Not a whole lot else to say. Had to figure Wisconsin, a top 15 team coming off a rare loss at home, was going to want this game.

You also could have reasonably expected Indiana to show a bit of determination, too.

It did not.

More to come. (more…)

Indiana at Wisconsin: Discuss it here

After day to regroup, Hoosiers head to Madison

After a blowout loss to Ohio State in which they looked like a broken team, the Indiana Hoosiers took a collective mental health day.

This wasn’t a calculated psychological ploy by IU coach Tom Crean to get his players’ heads back in the game. The NCAA requires teams to take at least one day off per calendar week. Because the Hoosiers played on Sunday, they had to take a mid-week day off, and Thursday made as much sense as any other.

But after seeing his team get away for a day and come back refreshed, Crean said it might have been the best thing that could have happened to them.

“We took yesterday off which I think was incredibly important to us,” Crean said. “Some guys were in the gym and it certainly wasn’t required of them. I think they had a day to really just free their minds. Today it’s load our minds, and that’s exactly what we’ve done.” (more…)

Dumes likely out for Wisconsin

Indiana coach Tom Crean said senior Devan Dumes will not travel to Madison for tomorrow’s game against Wisconsin because he is sick with the flu. More in a few.

Crawford talks about why he left Indiana’s Paul Daugherty has an interesting story today about Jordan Crawford, the former Hoosier who is now at Xavier.

Parts of the story have been told before, some of them many times, but Crawford talked about why he left Indiana. Very interesting stuff.

Jordan Crawford intended to stay at Indiana, even as his teammates left, one by one. “Armon (Bassett), Jamarcus (Ellis), DeAndre (Thomas),” he said. Crawford said he knew it was time to leave when he saw one of the last Hoosiers holdovers, Brandon McGee, running stadium steps in the rain, as punishment for being late to study hall.

“He was two or three minutes late,” Crawford said. “It was after the first day of summer classes. No homework. I was thinking, if they’re going to do him like that, they’re going to do me like that, too.”

Hoosier Morning

IU-Iowa Women's Basketball

Indiana coach Felisha Legette-Jack grimaces after a made basket during the second half Thursday. James Brosher | Herald-Times


In-State Recruit Watch: Cody Zeller

Cody Zeller might be the most important target Indiana has right now. The Hoosiers obviously need height desperately, and the 6-foot-10 Washington High School junior has that. He’s an in-state kid, the No. 35 recruit in the Class of 2011, and he’s got two brothers who have played major conference ball at North Carolina Notre Dame (Luke) and North Carolina (Tyler). His signing could mean a lot for IU not only because it would help the Hoosiers inside, but because it could really help Tom Crean’s recruiting rep.

So considering how important he is for IU, I probably could have picked a better opponent to watch him play against than Owen Valley.

To be fair, Roy Williams made the same decision I did. The North Carolina coach was in attendance looking to perhaps swipe a second Zeller from IU’s backyard. According to the youngest Zeller, the Tar Heels haven’t offered yet, but Williams was still there in person, signing autographs and taking pictures with babies before he got a chance to talk to Washington coach Gene Miiller about Zeller. (more…)

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