Big Ten making push to add 12th team

So says the Chicago Tribune. We’ll post the mentioned release as soon as we get it (about a half an hour from now) and hopefully we’ll have more info from interested parties.

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Purdue Alabama Basketball

Yes, that’s Purdue’s Robbie Hummel. No, this has not become Boiler Morning. Just follow the jump and all will be revealed. Butch Dill | Associated Press


Crean: We don’t want sumo wrestlers

If I learned anything from Tom Crean’s radio show on Monday night, it was this: Indiana fans love them some Tom Crean.

The Indiana coach didn’t so much answer questions from callers as he did thanked them for their glowing praise. Most didn’t even have questions. They just wanted to thank him for doing a good job.

Amazing what one win in Madison Square Garden, even if its followed by a loss, can do for morale.

But a few Hoosier fans did express some concern about the reasons Indiana got crushed on the rebounds by Kentucky and others. Crean of course, gave the obvious explanation.

“The difference is that they’re very athletic, and they’re older and we’re not there yet,” Crean said. “We can get better with our technique all the time. We can definitely get better with our leverage. That’s a great question, but you need to put into context what we’re dealing with and look at the ages of those guys and the body sizes. If Eli Holman was still here, and a couple of those guys were still here, maybe if we had Devin Ebanks still with us, if we ever had a chance to recruit him, those guys might have been able to hold those guys off. But those guys aren’t here as you know. They’re not here, so we’re doing everything we can do with these guys to help speed the process up with the lifting and the weights and the conditioning. … That’s the topic of the last couple of days, ‘When are you going to get a power forward?’ When are you gonna get this? Well we just signed four guys 6-9 or bigger, but they’re freshmen.”


IU will interview 3 candidates to replace Freitag

Indiana has selected three candidates — all with ties to the Hoosiers — to interview for the men’s soccer coaching vacancy, according to an athletic department source who asked to remain anonymous.

The first candidate was on campus today, and the next two will be here Tuesday and Wednesday.

An announcement is expected late this week or early next week.

We’re working on confirming who the three candidates are.

Four former players who also served as assistants at Indiana are possibilities: Caleb Porter (Akron head coach), Todd Yeagley (now the head coach at Wisconsin), John Trask (head coach at UIC) and Mike Getman (UAB coach). Former player Brian Maisonneuve, now an assistant at Louisville, is also a possibility.

Porter has said that he is not interested in the Indiana job. Yeagley has not returned calls for comment. Trask told us that he’d have to consider the Indiana job if approached. Getman was in his office Monday but refused to discuss the Indiana opening. Maisonneuve said that he did not think it would be appropriate to publicly discuss the position.

Porter open to discussing DC United job

Associated Press photo

Akron lost in penalty kicks — what an unsavory way to decide a championship, by the way — to Virginia on Sunday, stopping former Indiana player and assistant Caleb Porter just short of his first national title as a head coach.

Porter did confirm after the game that his athletic director had been approached not only by Indiana but by the MLS’ DC United.

While Porter flatly denied interest in the Indiana job at least three times prior to the championship game, he said Sunday that he’d take time to think about the offers in front of him.

“At this point, I am at Akron. I don’t know enough about anything to be able to tell you that any of the options are something I would explore. Right now, I’m concerned about our guys — their hearts are broken — and I am not thinking about anything else. Certainly I know that there are some opportunities out there. I know my athletic director has been contacted, but I haven’t had any conversations to know at this point. Will I have those conversations? I don’t know. I would have to think about it.”

So, stay tuned.

‘Nearly invisible’ is probably not a good thing

Let me first say this: I love Ken Pomeroy. If Ken Pomeroy (and his site, were a religion, I would be giving up the whole Catholicism thing. The guy is a huge stat nerd, but he really knows the game of basketball — I called him a couple of years back and he talked for 15 minutes about the ineffectiveness of Javier Gonzalez and Farnold Degand. Who are Gonzalez and Degand? Exactly. The guy knows his stuff.

Which is why I put quite a bit of weight into his stats, which seek to take tempo out of the game and allow us a better view of which teams and which individuals are the best in the country. And he waits for a solid sample size, which is why he just broke down the key players on every team.

And, well, that was not good news for Tom Pritchard, Jordan Hulls and Tijan Jobe. All three have been labeled, for the moment, by Pomeroy as “nearly invisible.”

What does that mean? The best I can figure, the percentage of minutes these three play has not led to significant contributions. Not startling for anyone who has watched the games thus far this season, but “nearly invisible” is a damning phrase.

What about the flip side? Verdell Jones, Maurice Creek and Christian Watford are the team’s “major contributors.” Jeremiah Rivers, Derek Elston and Devan Dumes fall into the “significant contributor” category, while Bobby Capobianco is a “role player.”

Creek has the highest offensive rating on the team, and is actually 103rd nationally. He’s also third in turnover percentage.

Rivers has a turnover percentage of 32.4, worse than anyone but Jobe’s (a jaw-dropping 61.6). Watford has done a nice job of drawing fouls, and Elston has been the team’s best overall rebounder.

Oh, and Pomeroy also likes to predict a team’s overall record. He has Indiana winning its next four, including that Big Ten opener against Michigan, but winning only once the rest of the way, at home against Iowa, to finish with a 10-20 record.

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Indiana guard Maurice Creek defends Kentucky’s John Wall on Saturday. Chris Howell | Herald-Times


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