Now live from Southport…

UPDATE, North Central wins 82-77

After a shaky first three quarters, D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera took over. With Terone Johnson essentially taken out of the game by Jeffersonville’s Box and One defense, Smith-Rivera worked in the middle of the zone and made Jeffersonville pay. He had 16 points in the fourth quarter to finish with 25 points, eight rebounds and five assists as North Central won 82-77 to advance to the state championship game. His game obviously didn’t look anything like it eventually will in college. He almost never brought the ball up and rarely saw the perimeter in the second half, but he scored on post-ups and screen and rolls.

Johnson had just two points in the second half, but finished with 15 points, eight rebounds and four assists. His younger brother Ronnie, a sophomore guard had 15 points and three assists. North Central finished with 48 points in the paint and capitalized on almost all of Jeffersonville’s mistakes. The Panthers scored 24 points on 14 Jeffersonville turnovers.

Evan Maschmeyer led Jeffersonville with 18 points and six assists. Drake Coleman had 16 points and three assists. A.J. Adams and Kegan Clark had 11 points each and V.J. Billups had 10 points.

UPDATE, End of 3rd quarter

North Central’s Trip McFall and Jeffersonville’s A.J. Adams just matched layups and North Central leads 60-54 going into the fourth quarter. It’s been back and fourth the whole way. Evan Maschmeyer found his range for Jeffersonville. D’Vauntes Smith Rivera had a chance to take over, but missed three free throws.

They got back to it pretty quick there. More at the end of the game.


Update: End of First Half

Terone Johnson had been mostly quiet in this game until just now. Jeffersonville had an 9-0 run to cut North Central’s lead to 37-33, but Johnson hit two monster 3-pointers to give North Central a 45-37 lead at halftime. Obviously, he’s going to Purdue, and no Indiana fans wants to hear this, but he’s going to be outstanding at the next level. He’s the type of player who can make any play you need whenever you need it. At halftime he has 13 points after those two shots.

D’Vauntes Smith Rivera has five points, shooting 2-for-5 from the field and 0-for-3 from beyond the arc. However, he also has five assists and four rebounds. He’s not the primary ball handler all the time, but he can make great passes from seemingly anywhere on the floor.

After Johnson, North Central has six players with at least four points. Patrick Ingram has seven.

Jeffersonville is hanging in there. The Red Devils finally hit some 3-pointers at the end of the half, though they’re still 3-for-12 from beyond the arc. Evan Maschmeyer is leading them with eight points and five assists.


UPDATE, End of First quarter

So North Central is on pace to score 100 points. Seriously.

End of the 1st quarter, the Panthers lead 25-16, and really, the game’s being played faster than that. The ball is really not spending a lot of time in the half court at all. Jeffersonville just can’t get a shot to fall right now, but as evidenced by last week’s South game, the Red Devils can hit a bunch in a hurry, so this is a long way from over.

D’Vauntes Smith Rivera has five points. Tough to get a great read on him so far because North Central moves the ball so well, and he’s clearly not the team’s first option. Regardless, as a team North Central looks really good. Terone Johnson only has two points so far, and with the supporting cast playing as well as hit has, it doesn’t matter


Some media seats cleared out, at least one good samaritan (the Indy Star’s Kyle Neddenriep) helped me out, and I have an outlet now, so my battery is going to survive some live-blogging.

Anyway, Jeffersonville just went off the floor after warm-ups, and North Central’s doing it’s rebounding drill … and now it’s off the floor. We’ve got 5:50 to tip off.

Main goal here, of course, is to watch D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera. My first attempt at this didn’t quite work out, as he was injured when North Central played Pike and Hugh and I went to see that game.

This should be an interesting game. And a track meet. We’ll see.

Not really live from Southport…

I’m out at Southport watching Cody Zeller and D’Vauntes Smith Rivera. It’s insanely packed with media here, and I as of yet have not been able to procure an outlet, so I’m going to be updating less often than Hugh until some of these people bail.

Anyway, Game 1, Cody Zeller and Washington beat Travis Carrroll and Danville 57-38. Statistically, they essentially canceled each other out. Zeller had 14 points and 12 rebounds, Caroll had 14 points and 11 boards. Zeller, though, had six blocks in 31 minutes, and altered several more to anchor a stellar defensive performance by Washington. The Hatchets held Danville to a hideous 22 percent (11-for-50) from the field, and had nine steals.

Zeller struggled at the free throw line, shooting 3-for-8, and against the much thicker Carroll, he rarely showed an ability to dominate inside play. Carroll was able to seal him off easily on post-ups and Zeller had a hard time getting around him.

But once Carroll did get the ball, he still had a hard time getting the ball over Zeller, who had about two inches on him. Hence the six blocks.

On the other end, Carroll often didn’t defend Zeller. Danville double-teamed him with shorter forwards at times, and sometimes use Carroll only on double teams. That didn’t work well in the first half, as Zeller drew and-ones three times inside, though he only converted on one of them.

In the end, Washington won because of its supporting cast, however. Sophomore guard Dylan Ervin led all scorers with 21 points and junior guard Kurtis Anthony added 11. Senior guard Ethan Hunsinger added seven points, seven rebounds and six assists. The Hatchets attacked in transition, scoring 16 points on fast breaks, and scored 26 points in the paint to Danville’s eight. Washington outscored Danville 13-4 in the second half to take a 28-16 halftime advantage and Danville was never closer than double digits.

Live from Huntington North …


Marrero said he was surprised he got the technical foul after the block.

“I got fired up and told him to, ‘Get that outta here,'” Marrero said.

Marrero finished with 12 points, 10 rebounds, five assists and three blocks. He dominated the post in 19 minutes of action and, without him on the court, Monroe Central made a run to cut it to as little as five points.

Bowman Academy coach Marvin Rea said he was not going to put Marrero back on the floor because of the possibility of him getting a second technical and being declared ineligible for next week’s state finals.

Marrero said his focus is on winning the state championship and not on his college recruitment process.

“I just keep it to the side,” Marrero said. “That’s what I do right now. I just concentrate on this. This atmosphere and my teammates, which are all seniors, and making it downstate. I’ll focus on my recruiting during my senior year, most likely.”


No Marrero throughout the fourth. Bowman survives, but definitely looks beatable. Final score is 89-79.

Will update with quotes later.


We might not see Marrero again. Bowman leads 68-59, but he received a technical foul with 2:02 left.

He blocked the shot of a Monroe Central player and definitely taunted the player, jawing at him in full view of everyone in the gym. The official stepped in and called the tech.

If Marrero got another one (which he did during last year’s regional semifinal and missed Bowman’s regional final loss), he would be ineligible for next week’s state championship game. If he does not need to, I would expect coach Marvin Rea to keep Marrero off the court.

Marrero’s stat line is 10 points, 10 rebounds, five assists and three blocks.


In all likelihood, Bowman Academy is headed to the state championships next Saturday. The Eagles lead Monroe Central 51-35 at halftime.

Marrero’s biggest impact so far is his domination of the paint. The Golden Bears literally have no one to tangle with Marrero, who stands 6-foot-5. Fletcher Goodman is doing what he can, but he is 5-foot-11.

Monroe Central is settling for 3-pointers on the offensive end, and the Eagles can score just about anytime they choose to put the ball inside.

Because of that, Marrero has 10 points and six rebounds so far. He’s 4-of-8 from the field, missing the only 3-pointer he took and a couple of long jumpers. Almost no lift on his jump shot.

He had two blocks in the first three minutes, the first a trailer on a Monroe Central fastbreak. He also has two assists — in both situations, he recognized the double team and found the open man inside for an easy basket.


I am here at Huntington North to watch the 1A North semistate between Bowman Academy and Monroe Central.

More specifically, I am here to watch sophomore DeJuan Marrero.

The game is about to start, but I’ll be back at halftime with stats and any observations I may have.

Hoosier Morning

NCAA Minnesota Xavier Basketball

Xavier’s Jordan Crawford drives and makes a scoop shot during his game against Minnesota on Friday. Associated Press


Wilkins commits to Iowa State

John Wilkins, a 6-foot-9 center from Southeastern Community College in Burlington, Iowa, is a player in which Indiana apparently had some interest. According to the Quad City Times, however, he has apparently committed to Iowa State.

Washington Post tells us stuff we didn’t know about Abraham

Steve Yanda’s blog in the Washington Post adds some detail to the Moses Abraham situation. The situation is still the same. The visit is likely coming Tuesday and it’s still between Indiana and Georgetown. But Yanda does tell us that Crean did meet with Joe Boncore on Sunday night, but not Abraham, and then met with Abraham on Tuesday. Also, part of the reason the decision didn’t come on Sunday night was Ejike Ogboaja, the Nigerian native and former Cleveland Cavaliers draft pick who discovered Abraham at a basketball camp, had his flight delayed and didn’t actually arrive in Washington D.C. until Monday afternoon. (So yeah, there was apparently no reason for us to be up that late Sunday night)

Hoosier Morning


Cody Zeller drives to the lane during an AAU game in Assembly Hall last May. Monty Howell | Herald-Times


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