Hoosier prospects Yogi Ferrell, Cody Zeller, Marshall Plumlee and Jeremiah Davis at adidas May Classic

TEAM SCORE: 17U Team Southern Indiana Red 68, Indiana Elite Team Indiana 64

HOOSIER PROSPECTS: Yogi Ferrell led the team with 19 points. Jeremiah Davis with 13, Cody Zeller with 9 and Marshall Plumlee with 4.

YOGI FERRELL: “(On his unofficial visit Wednesday) I came down and played with the guys. They showed me the new facility. It’s amazing. They just honor all the history. It’s kind of cool just looking back on the past and what they’ve done to make this place great.”

MY THOUGHTS: A really disappointing loss for Team Indiana in the quarterfinals. They were the favorite to win this thing, so falling to a group without a true high-major player on it is rough.

The team clearly missed Austin Etherington. His presence helps spacing on the floor. Without him, and with Spencer Turner cold (3 points), it was Ferrell and Davis driving with the big men in the post. TSI packed it in and came from behind to pull off the upset.

Ferrell said he was concerned with the amount of second-chance points

Hoosier prospects Ron Patterson, Kellon Thomas and Kellen Dunham at the Adidas May Classic

TEAM SCORE: 16U Indiana Elite One 88, Columbus Aces 56

INDIANA RECRUITS: Ron Patterson a 6-3 guard from Broad Ripple, had 21 points. Kellon Thomas, a 5-11 guard from Southport, had 16. Kellen Dunham, a 6-4 guard from Pendleton Heights, had two points

MY THOUGHTS: We’d covered these already, but it was my first time watching Thomas and Dunham and my first time watching Patterson since the high school season. Patterson was just as athletic as I remember and he shot the ball a lot better than I’d seen the first time, knocking down pull-up jumpers from inside the arc and deep threes from outside and from several different angles on the floor. What continues to impress me about him, though, is how the effort he puts in on the defensive end. There isn’t a lot of defense played in these things, and there certainly isn’t a lot of defensive communication, but Patterson calls out screens and switches and knows where he wants his teammates to be on the floor. He’s an aggressive on the ball defender, and again, he shows a concern with off-the-ball defense, which is rare in a summer event.

Thomas said after the game and to Ryan Winn before me that he believes his job with this team is to distribute the ball and facilitate. He does a good job with that, finding shooters open and big men on the low block. He can also shoot it, though, and drive to the basket. Didn’t see much from Dunham at all. The spot-up shooter didn’t take a lot of shots, and he and the rest of the stars were off the floor for most of the second half of this wipeout.

Hoosier prospect Marshall Plumlee at adidas May Classic

TEAM SCORE: 17U Indiana Elite Team Indiana 61, Shining Stars 58

MARSHALL PLUMLEE: The 7-foot rising senior from Arden Christ School (Asheville, N.C.) had 12 points.

CODY ZELLER: The 6-foot-11 rising senior from Washington had eight points.

YOGI FERRELL: The 5-foot-9 rising junior from Park Tudor had 16 points.

JEREMIAH DAVIS: The 6-foot-3 rising senior from Muncie Central had 23 points.

PLUMLEE SAID: “I recently spoke with coach Crean. It was great to catch up with him and I look forward to maybe seeing him sometime soon.”

MY THOUGHTS: Team Indiana was down for much of the game before Ferrell and Davis ignited a spirited comeback. Both clearly showed a passion and desire to win, driving the lane and creating shots with pressure against a tired Shining Stars team.

Ferrell got half of his 16 at the line, but he was forcing contact with his drives to the basket. Davis was shooting well from outside and got things going when everyone else was struggling.

Zeller was definitely sluggish and struggled to finish around the basket. Same with Plumlee, who drove up yesterday from Asheville (Adren’s graduation was Saturday) and got limited minutes in this first game.

Plumlee said he has no visits scheduled — he’s “just laying low.”

There was a period where he was not hearing from Indiana, but that appears to have ended. It will be interesting to see if the time off has actually hurt Indiana with Plumlee.

Team Indiana plays again at 11:45 at Assembly Hall.

Hoosier Morning


Austin Etherington talks with Jeremiah Davis as Mike Pegram (aka Peegs) looks on. Jeremy Hogan | Herald-Times



Hoosier prospect Aaron Thomas at the Adidas May Classic

Team Score: 17 U Queen City Prophets 59, Shining Star Sports Kentucky 49

AARON THOMAS: The 6-foot-5 guard from Aiken High School in Cincinnati scored 20 points.

THOMAS SAID: “I feel comfortable (at Indiana). It’s the biggest sport in Indiana so I’d like to be a part of that. And Tom Crean’s a good coach. He taught Dwyane Wade, so he has a lot of history.”

MY THOUGHTS: I feel like I’ve been saying this a lot so far, but Thomas proved he was athletic if nothing else. I don’t know if I saw him take a jumper all day, but he had several rim-rocking dunks and putbacks at the rim. At 190 pounds, he’s not the thickest player you’ve ever seen, but he’s still strong enough to finish against contact. He defends pretty well from what I can tell.

According to his coach, Osie Davis, I didn’t see the best of him.

“He has no weaknesses offensively,” he said.

Also, and we’ll have more on this later, Thomas is extremely interested in Indiana.

Hoosier recruits Hanner Perea, Peter Jurkin, D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera, Kenny Kaminski at the Adidas May Classic

TEAM SCORE: 16 U Indiana Elite Team Indiana 67, Wabash Valley Prospects 36

INDIANA RECRUITS: North Central sophomore guard D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera had 14 points. Sophomore forward Hanner Perea from United Faith Christian Academy in North Carolina had 11. Peter Jurkin, also of UFCA, and Kenny Kaminksi of Medina, Ohio each had four.

JURKIN SAID: “I just have to get stronger and try to work on my offense, my post play and my jump shot.”

MY THOUGHTS: It was just as difficult to get a read on Indiana Elite’s 16 and Under team as the 17 and Under squad. Wabash Valley was one of the scrappier overmatched teams I’ve seen in this tournament, but it was really, really overmatched. One thing you could take from this one, though, is Hanner Perea is obscenely athletic. In one sequence, he basically swallowed a shot from a Wabash player, then threw down an alley-oop dunk on the other end. He’s 6-foot-8, but I think his arms come down to his knees, and his wingspan has to be the same as a 7-footer’s. D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera had another solid outing just minutes after playing with the 17 and under team. He’s been a workhorse today, and he’s still shooting it well. As for Kenny Kaminski, I’m still waiting.

Here are some video clips from good friend Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall.

adidas May Classic: Kenny Kaminski from Inside The Hall on Vimeo.

adidas May Classic: Hanner Perea from Inside The Hall on Vimeo.

adidas May Classic: D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera from Inside The Hall on Vimeo.

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