The Palestra weighs in on Indiana’s situation

We’ve been lax in bringing you videos from our friends at, but here’s the latest on the Hoosiers from Ryan Cost.

What Kathi told Tony (Bennett)

For those of you wondering what kind of input former IU women’s coach Kathi Bennett might have had when brother Tony was among the hot prospects to replace Kelvin Sampson last spring, I asked her last night at Assembly Hall when she returned as a Wisconsin assistant. Here’s what she had to say:

“We talked about it. We talked, and Tony has his head on. He’s at a great place right now and it’s where he wants to raise his family.It wasn’t an issue of me being at IU or anything like that. He’s happy. He had other opportunities besides IU and he just … he knows what he’s about, and he’s not going to take a job because he’s afraid another one might not come along.”

Bennett added that she had “good things to say, very good things to say” about IU and Bloomington.

Wisconsin at IU women


Not Indiana’s finest performance, but a win is a win with Purdue looming Monday night at Assembly Hall.

:21.7, SECOND HALF: A travel on Wisconsin, and Kim Roberson makes two free throws going the other way to make it a two-possession game. HOOSIERS 62, BADGERS 58

:29.2, SECOND HALF: No stop, but Whitney Thomas is fouled on an offensive rebound at the other (she has another double-double) and hits both free throws. HOOSIERS 60, BADGERS 58

:52.6, SECOND HALF: Jamie Braun’s free throws give IU the lead. Hoosiers need a stop. HOOSIERS 58, BADGERS 56

1:38, SECOND HALF: Wisconsin’s ball after two Jori Davis free throws tie the game again. HOOSIERS 56, BADGERS 56

3:24, SECOND HALF: Wisconsin takes its first lead since the opening minute, building it to four, 52-48, on Mariah Dunham’s 3. Two Amber Jackson free throws and a Whitney Thomas putback ties it. IU now has the ball after forcing a shot clock violation. HOOSIERS 52, BADGERS 52

7:09, SECOND HALF: Wisconsin gets within one at 45-44, but Jamie Braun hits a miracle shot, looping the ball over two defenders and banking it in from 12 feet. Coach Jack is really pushing her players, trying to will them to victory down the stretch. HOOSIERS 47, BADGERS 44

11:16, SECOND HALF: Wisconsin’s not going anywhere, as Tara Steinbauer pulls the Badgers within two before Jori Davis’ fastbreak layup stops the bleeding. Indiana is going to have to come up with at least one more big run to win this one. HOOSIERS 41, BADGERS 37

15:54, SECOND HALF: A 7-0 IU run capped by Amber Jackson’s first points of the game opens things up a bit. Jamie Braun started the run with a jumper, and Jori Davis hit a 3. HOOSIERS 36, BADGERS 29


A lackluster first half by Indiana, but this game is right at the pace Wisconsin likes to play. With former IU coach Kathi Bennett helming the defense, the Badgers have given up just over 54 points a game this season. That’s exactly where we stand now. Whitney Thomas has 10 points and six rebounds to lead the Hoosiers. (more…)

Alston a Revolution, Ring an Earthquake

Indiana defender Kevin Alston was just taken with the No. 10 pick in the MLS SuperDraft by the New England Revolution, former home of IU great Pat Noonan. Alston was rumored to be among those considered for the first overall pick, but surprisingly fell to New England.

Teammate Brad Ring was taken by the San Jose Earthquakes early in the second round with the No. 17 pick overall. Ring will join former Hoosiers Nick Garcia and Ned Grabavoy on the Earthquakes roster.

Thursday 11 a.m. Q&A

We made it through a slippery ride back from Ohio State yesterday and we’re ignoring the sub-zero temperatures to be back at work today. And why? So we can chat with you.

Send us your Indiana sports questions and comments by clicking here.

MLS SuperDraft, SuperDraft

Thursday at 2 p.m., the annual MLS SuperDraft will take place, televised live on ESPN2.

Indiana’s Kevin Alston is expected to go somewhere between pick Nos. 5-9. Alston is one of the nine underclassmen that are part of the Generation Adidas program. That means guaranteed money for Alston as well as having the remainder of his education paid for. According to IU coach Mike Freitag, Alston was on track to graduate in December of 2009 already. Generation Adidas players were six of the first eight picks in last year’s draft, with part of the reason being that their contracts don’t count against team’s salary budget.

Hoosier teammate Brad Ring is projected to go as high as No. 12. It’s possible, but unlikely, he could slide a few more picks down and out of the first round (15).

Indiana at Ohio State: Discuss it here

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