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Indiana athletic director Fred Glass has tried to create a sense of enthusiasm around the department. Chris Howell | Herald-Times


Thursday discussion, 11 a.m.

We’ll gather in our usual cyber spot for a discussion of all things IU sports at 11 a.m. today. The discussion will no doubt verge into other stuff to. It usually does.

We already have one question submitted, and it looks like this, “Why?”


Hope to see you there. I’ll be on a plane, but I’m hoping to beam my answers down from the sky. We’ll see if it works.

ACC/Big Ten Challenge schedule released

From the Big Ten:


May Classic schedule

Here is a link to the Herald-Times adidas May Classic schedule.

Here is a printer-friendly version.

This schedule will be continually updated throughout the weekend, with times and locations of tournament games (for those of you unfamiliar, the first two games determine seeding for the tournament that begins Saturday night and continues through Sunday).

It’s also going to serve as a hub of our coverage. We’ll link to stories on Hoosier Scoop about individuals and games. So, theoretically, you can leave this open in your browser of choice all weekend and just refresh to see who has won, who has lost and what we are writing about.

Hoosier Morning

Ohio State Indiana basketball

Chris Howell | Herald-Times


May Classic schedules, pools released

As promised, here are the pools and master schedule for the this weekend’s Adidas May Classic here in Bloomington. I’ll be working on an IU-focused schedule tonight. Peegs already has his out.


Hulls on Michel: “He played great.”

Scouting reports on the newest Hoosier, 7-foot-1 JUCO transfer Guy-Marc Michel, have been hard to come by. There’s not a lot of video out there, nor have many of the more well-known talent evaluators shared their thoughts. It’s even difficult to know what his stat line means since we’re mostly unfamiliar with the league his team played in.

The reports about Michel and how effective he’ll be for Indiana that do exist have stirred much debate among the faithful, too.

Well, here’s a first-hand report from Indiana point guard Jordan Hulls. He and the other current members of team played pick-up ball with Michel on Friday and Saturday of his visit.

Whether his assessment is any easier to interpret — since, let’s face it, a guy like Hulls is not going to badmouth a future teammate — could be debated.

But it’s something. So here goes.

SCOOP: How’d Guy do when he was in town for his visit?

HULLS: He played great. He meshed well with the guys. He’s a presence inside. He’s 7-1, he’s big, can block shots. And he used both hands in the post, so he’s a good presence down there and he just seemed to fit the team really well.

SCOOP: Is there anyone you’ve played against that you would compare him to?

HULLS: He’s big like Nix from Michigan State, and long like Lauderdale from Ohio State. He compares to those kind of guys. He’s a great big presence inside.

SCOOP: How is he offensively?

HULLS: He’s a true post player. He’s just another element for the team. Like I said he can use both hands. A couple of left-handed hook shots, we were like, ‘Wow this kid’s pretty good.’ We’re glad to have him.

SCOOP: How much feedback did Tom Crean seek from you guys?

HULLS: They asked a couple of the guys, and like I’m telling you, we thought he was a good presence inside.

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